Coffee Queen: Mega Gold M-2

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Product Information

Coffee Queen's simple and straightforward M2 Pour and Serve machine is an excellent value machine. Comes with two hot plates, two glass decanters and adjustable brewing volume, 4-12 cups, which can easily be adjusted at the front of the machine.



  • 12-cup capacity
  • 2 warming plates
  • 2 glass 1.8 litre serving jugs
  • Capacity per hour (running at full tilt): 18 litres (144 cups)
  • Brewing time per full jug: 5 minutes
  • Manual water filling

Technical Specs

Capacity: 1.8 Litres, 12 cups

Power: 2400W

Dimensions (H, W, L): 43, 21, 36 cm

Weight: 8.5kg