Franke: A200

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Product Information

The A200 was designed so it can be put into service and operated without reading a manual. Simple yet customizable operations. 36 products definable to save in the menu. Total control at a glance. The cleaning process is visually explained step by step. A new standard of convenience.

Best For

Hotel and Casinos


Restos and Cafes





  • Enjoyment you can always count on
    • Simple yet customizable operations
    • 36 products definable to save in the menu
    • Total control at a glance 
    • The cleaning process is visually explained step by step
    • A new standard of convenience
  • Well thought out down to the finest detail
    • Optional capsule brewing unit for added beverage diversity
    • Steam wand
    • Height-adjustable beverage spout with integrated hot water, easy to clean thanks to the magnetic casing
    • Generously sized bean hopper, easily accessible, simple to refill
    • Two precision bean grinders with ceramic burrs
    • Water tank (4 liter), easy to access from the front; permanent water supply connection (optional)
  • The engineering of enjoyment
    • The A200 components work together seamlessly to ensure optimal enjoyment
    • Generously sized bean hopper
    • Central locking mechanism
    • Two ceramic bean grinders
    • The machine’s brewing unit is directly accessible from the side and can be removed effortlessly without any tools
    • A practical capsule brewing unit is optionally available for the clean, simple preparation of chocolate beverages
  • Simple handling for maximum hygiene
    • A new standard of convenience
    • Integrated cleaning concept
    • Hygienic, practical milk container system
    • Hose-free docking system for the milk container
    • Automated process with integrated cleaning cartridge
    • Maximum convenience: the cleaning process is completed automatically by the machine
    • Conforms to HACCP

We assure customer satisfaction. 1 year Warranty for parts and labor. Extended Warranty for 2-3 years and/or Preventive Maintenance program offered. Complete parts availability. Loaner machine provided during repairs.

High-barista quality

  • Perfect crema
  • Two types of beans for added enjoyment

Unique Milk Foam

  • Hand-made or automatic foam production
  • Individually adjustable foam consistency
  • The perfect final touch for any beverage creation

Varieties of chocolate

  • Enticing chocolaty taste, loved by young and old alike
  • Simple preparation using chocolate capsules

Hot water for tea

  • Programmable filling level
  • Also suitable for large cups thanks to the height-adjustable spout

Technical Specs


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