Franke: Evolution

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Product Information

The Franke Evolution leaves no wishes unfulfilled. It belongs to the elite group of coffee machines and impresses gastronomy professionals in three aspects: The Evolution offers above average performance in a surprisingly compact size. With its perfected technology, there is virtually no task it cannot handle. And finally, it is a true eye catcher – timeless and elegant. No wonder the Evolution has many admirers in all areas, including restaurants, bars, hotels and caterers. In short, it’s a coffee machine with a character.

Best For

Hotels and Casinos


Restos and Cafes


Chain Restaurants



  • Optimal handling

The bean hoppers can be removed easily and without additional tools thanks to the integrated slides. They feature optimal glide properties, even with oily bean types.

  • Individualized operation

The large, clearly arranged product buttons can be individually programmed and labeled. Whether in self-service operation with a maximum of 6 coffee products or in the operated version with up to 20 different coffee products, you’re always in control.

  • Flexibly variable

Thanks to the continuously adjustable outlet height from 85 to 170 mm, all the popular sizes of cups and containers can be used. The optimized coffee supply and the combination outlet guarantee that the coffee is always at the right temperature and that the cups are evenly filled, even when using the double dispenser system.

  • Easy to clean

The automatic rinsing and cleaning program for the coffee and milk section simplifies the maintenance and care of the machine. The dispenser is easy to remove and can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. This ensures optimum hygiene and a consistently high coffee quality. HACCP conformity is guaranteed. 

  • Milk foam at the touch of a button

Would you like to automate beverage preparation while still being able to foam milk manually? The 2-Step approach is the complete solution without integrated milk. The first step is to prepare the coffee beverage. In the second step, the milk is foamed using the Autosteam Pro steam wand. Finally, the desired beverage is mixed in the classical way by hand.

We assure customer satisfaction. 1 year Warranty for parts and labor. Extended Warranty for 2-3 years and/or Preventive Maintenance program offered. Complete parts availability. Loaner machine provided during repairs.

Options for the Evolution

  • Second grinder
  • Special RAL colours
  • Coffee grounds chute
  • Self-service version
  • Breakfast system
  • Cappuccinatore CF1
  • Cappuccinatore CF2
  • Double cappuccinatore CF
  • Franke milk system CF
  • Trolley for mobile use


Billing systems Billing unit for all commercially available systems: Attachment casing or add-on unit that perfectly integrates the required billing systems into the coffee station. Fitting of coin validator, coin changer and various debit-card systems.

Add-on units

  • Chocolate Dispenser: Hot chocolate at the touch of a button! Two product buttons are used to dispense portion sizes pre-programmable between 20 and 350 ml. Total output: 22 litres per hour. The rinsing button does all the cleaning – simply, at anytime and in minutes.
  • Cup warmer for longer-lasting coffee enjoyment: constant, ideal cup temperature, 2 heated storage shelves, capacity: up to 80 cups.
  • Refrigeration unit for fresh milk: Stores milk at a constant 5° C, in conditions of perfect hygiene. Easy-to-clean refrigerated compartment and milk container. Refrigeration unit available as an add-on for equipment versions CF1 and CF2. Standard equipment for the Franke milk system. Option: lockable door.

Technical Specs


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