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Product Information

The Flair will win you over with ultimate user convenience while pampering your guests with irresistible coffee specialities. If you prefer the advantages of a large unit but don’t require a high coffee output, the Flair is the ideal coffee machine for you.

Best For

Hotels and Casinos


Restos and Cafes





  • Customer settings

Critical parameters such as water volume, grind quantity and coffee temperature can be individually and quickly adjusted as needed. The coffee output is monitored using various counter functions. To change the products you wish to offer, simply reprogram the new product and change its name on the display.

  • Individual operation

Simple and efficient. Thanks to its ergonomic operating panel with eight selection buttons for coffee and milk specialities and a clearly arranged LCD display, the Flair is ideally suited for every application – in both full-service and self-service operations. The product labeling can be individually customized. In addition, hot water and steam can be dispensed from two separate outlets.

  • Easy to clean

The integrated automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling program for the coffee and milk unit simplifies maintenance and care of the coffee machine, ensuring optimal hygiene and consistently high coffee quality.

  • Flexibly Adaptable

Adaptable and sturdy. Thanks to the steepless height adjustment of the coffee/milk outlet from 75 to 180 mm, you can use all popular sizes of cups and containers. With the combination outlet,
coffee and milk products can be obtained at the touch of a button without having to move around the cups and glasses first. The outlet is easy to dismantle.

We assure customer satisfaction. 1 year Warranty for parts and labor. Extended Warranty for 2-3 years and/or Preventive Maintenance program offered. Complete parts availability. Loaner machine provided during repairs.


Milk preparation at a glance

  • Hot milk or foamed milk dispenser
  • Consistent dosing
  • Automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling program
  • Self-service-compatible (including billing)

Technical Specs


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