NUOVA SIMONELLI: Aurelia II Digit 2 Group


Quick Overview

  • Cups per day: 200 - 300

  • Dimension: H x W x D inches 22.3" x 32.1" x 22.3"

  • Machine Type: Traditional, Digit Volumteric

  • Power/Voltage: 4500 W (230 –380V)

  • Boiler Capacity: 14 liters


Product Information

The Aurelia II is the espresso machine for those who are looking for unprecedented performance and reliability. With four different models and a number of group head configurations, you can be sure the Aurelia II has a solution to your espresso needs..

  • Soft Infusion System reduces channeling and cracking of the coffee cake during extraction 

  • Cool Touch Wand

  • LCD Graphic display with rotary switch

  • Independent temperature programming for each group

  • Multi function graphic display with rotary switch. 

  • Electronic PID temperature control

  • Volumetric dosing

  • Steel body, abs reverse mirror and tall cups

  • 360° swivel steam wands can accommodate almost any size pitcher and feature a rubber grip to prevent burns 

  • EASY CREAM. Perfect cappuccino,

  • 14 liters copper boiler with pressostat and anti-vacuum valve

  • Stainless steel steam wands and hot water nozzle

  • Push/pull steam levers

  • Dimension (h x w x d): 564 x 814 x 564 mm

  • Water Source: Attached Waterline or Water Gallon

  • Power: 4500W

  • Voltage: 230V 60Hz

Best For

Hotels & Casinos


Restos & Cafes


Chain Restaurants


1 year Warranty for parts and labor. Extended Warranty for 2 and 3 years and/or Preventive Maintenance program offered. Complete parts availability. Loaner machine provided during repairs.


If you would like to know the price, availability or get more information on the machine, please email us using the form below.