WMF 5000S+*


Quick Overview

  • Cups per day: 150 - 250

  • Dimension: H x W x D inches 28.2" x 12.8" x 23.2"

  • Machine Type: Fully Automatic

  • Power/Voltage: 3,01–3,51 kW / 220–240 V

  • Boiler Capacity: approx. 4.5 litres


Product Information

A range of applications as diverse as the variety of beverages: introducing the WMF 5000 S+, the high-performance coffee machine for those who want to provide superior moments of indulgence even at high output rates. Reliable, easy to operate and with a recommended output of 250 cups a day, the WMF 5000 S+ is designed to meet all your customer's needs.

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  • 10-inch touch display: The clearly structured interactive colour display of the WMF 5000 S+ facilitates custom designs by selecting your own colour scheme and importing your own beverage images and even videos. Navigation with quick access to the main menu is intuitive thanks to touch and swipe functionality.

  • Automatically height adjustable spout

  • Dynamic Milk Assist ensures the high and exceptionally consistent quality of all milk beverages.

  • The perfect balance of speed and consistently high quality

  • PIN code safety

  • Water supply Tank: approx. 4.5 litres

  • Recommended daily / max hourly output: up to 250 cups

  • Power: 220-240 V

  • Dimension (w x d x h): 325 x 590 x 716 mm

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1 year Warranty for parts and labor. Extended Warranty for 2 and 3 years and/or Preventive Maintenance program offered. Complete parts availability. Loaner machine provided during repairs.

Technical Specs