WMF Espresso*


Quick Overview

  • Cups per day: 150 - 250

  • Dimension: H x W x D inches 22.8" x 28.5" x 21.3"

  • Machine Type: Fully Automatic

  • Power/Voltage: 6,0 - 7,0 kW / 380 - 415 V

  • Boiler Capacity: approx. 4.5 litres


Product Information

With a conventional portafilter, making the perfect espresso requires a lot of technical know-how. Finding the right grinder setting and the perfect pressure to apply while tamping is an art in itself. The WMF espresso measures all key brewing parameters, with fully automatic grinding and tamping. So it bridges the gap between two different worlds of coffee brewing – hand-crafted and automatic.

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  • Automatic portafilter detection (single/double measure)

  • Coffee bean hopper: Two air-cooled coffee bean hoppers for different varieties of coffee bean

  • Touch display: A wide range of software setting options from the touch display.

  • Steam jet for cup preheating in the middle; accommodates up to two cups.

  • Water supply Tank: approx. 4.5 litres

  • Coffee bean hopper: 550 g

  • Recommended daily / max hourly output: up to 300 cups

  • Power: 380 - 415 V

  • Dimension (w x d x h): 723 x 540 x 580 mm

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1 year Warranty for parts and labor. Extended Warranty for 2 and 3 years and/or Preventive Maintenance program offered. Complete parts availability. Loaner machine provided during repairs.

Technical Specs