Hey Cafe: HC-598 Titan I

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The Titan I series of commercial grinders was designed for small to medium sized operations such as small coffee shops, offices, and home users. It features an Italian made 58mm flat burrs, all aluminum body and parts, attractive design, and lots of modular features such as 2 beans hopper sizes (0.6Kg and 1.2Kg) wide variety of brushless motors and endless possibilities for finishing. The Titan I is the best choice for professional grinding in low to medium coffee consumption environment.

Mechanical Specs

  • All aluminium body and dispenser right/left hand handle

  • Extra wide dosing capability from as low as 6 - 10+ gr per dose

  • Specially hardened tooling steel grinding discs

  • Bottom setting micro adjustment mechanism

  • Easy to clean

  • Bottom-set patented

  • Fully metallic dispenser


Operating modes

op titan 1 01.jpg
op titan 1 02.jpg

Manual on/off control

Manual time control


Technical Specs

Assembled Height: 470 mm

Assembled Width: 210 mm

Assembled Length: 330 mm

Grinding discs diameter: 58 mm    

Bean Hopper capacity: 0.6 kg (1.2 kg optional)

Grinding capacity (Espresso): 4 – 7 kg/hour; 2 - 2.5 gr/sec @ #1.2 setting

Weight: GW*: 9.5 kg; NW*: 8.5 kg

Electric Power: 250 W