What is Office Coffee Solutions (OCS)?


Allegro Office Coffee Solutions is a simple program that brings a one stop coffee station to your office - coffee beans, teas, creamers, sweeteners, syrups, sauces, cups, lids and stir sticks. Enjoy fresh gourmet coffee beverages at your convenience and keep your employees happy and productive and impress clients and guests. 

What are the benefits of OCS?

  • Coffee increases worker productivity and keeps employees alert

  • Offers a one stop coffee station & superior quality-freshly ground beans, freshly brewed coffee-- not instant

  • Keeps employees on site rather than leaving the workplace to purchase coffee; therefore, reducing lost work time

  • Enhances worker morale and satisfaction by offering employees an added perk with a low cost

  • Savings to employees rather than buying at national coffee chains

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Our valued customers

What programs are available?


Brewed Coffee Program

We offer your employees freshly brewed coffee. Our commercial brewers and servers preserve the flavour, aroma, and temperature of the coffee for 3-4 hours without the burnt taste. There are no shortcuts to the perfect cup.


Espresso Based Coffee Program

From bean to cup, with just one touch, these fully automatic machines can craft an array of espresso-based coffee - Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, and Americano. A great value from our high tech efficient machines. 


Coffee Bar Hosting

This program is flexible for different occasion - social get togethers, business meetings, and conferences. We take care of everything from setting up to serving coffee with our own baristas. Pricing varies - minimum of 50 people.

What's the process after choosing a program?


Providing coffee for your office has never been simpler. Follow the steps below and you'll be wowing guests and employees with delicious coffee in no time!


STEP 1: Choose a Machine


STEP 2: Choose Coffee Beans

STEP 3: Teas & Gourmet Syrups

To expedite the conversation, let us know the needs and size of your company or event. Please complete the survey below and we will give you a call to recommend a machine based on your needs.

Your choice of coffee program (brewed or espresso) and taste preference influences the type of coffee beans we will recommend. Choose from 7 coffee varieties and blends - Moak, or Allegro's signature coffee flavours.

Our teas, gourmet syrups, and chocolate sauces are crafted with some of the finest ingredients to be an enticing addition to your workspace and events. Add a variety of flavours to your beverage menu.

Send us an email or give us a call.

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How many employees do you have?
The type of machine depends on the size of the company.
What are your operating hours?
The operating hours affect the quantity of coffee beans your company will need.
Which coffee program are you interested in?
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