Professional Blenders: Top 5 Reasons to Go Pro by Hamilton Beach


It's no wonder that professional-grade blenders have become a staple in the home kitchen. These workhorses are packed with power and durability, so you can juice whole fruits and vegetables, puree hot soups, emulsify dressings and grind spreads – all with just a push of a button. Here are some key benefits that make a high-performance blender worth the upgrade.

1. Power

Switching to a professional-level blender means an instant increase in power. Expect commanding horsepower that will work through the toughest of ingredients and peak powers of 1800 watts. Peak power is what the blender pulls the first few seconds after it’s turned on; it’s a good measure of a motor’s power potential because it’s when blending power is needed most. With these capable machines, you can easily turn frozen fruit into a silky smoothie or grind grains into fine flour in just seconds.

2. Performance

Professional-level blenders go beyond the custom high-medium-low settings. Variable speed dials will give you ultimate control during the blending process. Whip, chop or puree to the exact consistency you want without the worry of over or under processing.

3. Convenience

Get the same advantages busy restaurant chefs rely on like pre-programmed settings, one button cleaning and countdown timers. Look for models that include helpful accessories like removable quiet shields, tamper tools to help keep thick ingredients circulating, and filler-caps with easy measuring markings for dressings and marinades.

4. Durability

High-performance blenders often come equipped with sturdy pieces like all-metal drives, hardened stainless steel blades, thermal-protected motors and shatterproof jars that can handle any blending job.

5. Dependability

These powerful blenders are built to last – a claim that is usually backed by a good warranty.


Green is Trendy with Routin 1883

Put on your favourite green costume and get ready to celebrate St. Patrick Day on March, 17th. We have selected special recipe for you and your customers to fully enjoy this Irish day!





1 Pint: 2cl 1883 Cucumber syrup

1cl 1883 Green Apple syrup

2cl Routin Pastis des Alpes

2cl lemon wedges

45cl Lager Beer


Pour the syrups and the Pastis in a Pint Glass. Squeeze the lemon wedges and put them in the glass. Pour the Lager beer.

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0.5cl 1883 Mint syrup

1cl 1883 White Chocolate sauce

14cl skimmed milk Whipped cream


Warm up milk. Pour syrup and sauce in a clear cup. Pour hot milk and stir well. Coat with whipped cream. Garnish with a mint sprig, and some white and black chocolate shavings.

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Simonelli Group and WBC: The Future is Our World, The Future is Our Time


The future is not made alone, it’s made together. When you have the same goals and share the same values; when you aren’t content with the status quo. When you are driven to improve things, to look forward, it is easy to find like minds to collaborate and work with.

Simonelli Group, through its Victoria Arduino brand and the now legendary VA388 Black Eagle, will continue to be a partner of the World Barista Championship for the next three years. This relationship is one of strong convictions and goals that make a difference.

This is a relationship built and strengthened over the years, that has brought a change in standards for the coffee world and helped drive the quality of the world’s most significant coffee event.

We believe that a focus on sustainability is important now, but even more so in the future. Continuous research, supported by Simonelli Group and the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, is available to WBC competitors and the entire industry. Our goal here is that Simonelli Group and WBC can be a catalyst for a better future.

The confirmation of Simonelli Group, by the WCE board, as the sponsor for the next three editions of the WBC is, in part, the result of our lasting relationship, which began in 2009 with the WBC in Atlanta. However, Simonelli Group will not rest on its laurels, looking backwards.
We will work to move forward, together with all of you.



The WCE’s international coffee competitions are amazing platforms for the global specialty coffee community to grow, to develop, to inspire and to get inspired. The members of the HEMRO Group enjoyed supporting the World Barista Championships and the World Latte Art Championships during the course of the past decade and are absolutely motivated to enlarge their engagement for the upcoming seasons in 2018-2020. The competitors deserve nothing but the best equipment to support them in performing on a global stage. That’s why Mahlkönig, Ditting and Anfim are committed to providing the most recent coffee grinder models as well as brand new innovations that get launched during the next sponsorship season. 

The commitment starts backstage - behind the scenes and the sponsor banners. The grinder sponsors appreciate their friendships with professional baristas from all over the world as a valuable source of inspiration and motivation to further develop their products according to the most recent requirements and trends. They listen and learn from any short talk, any workshop and any competition warm-up alike. 

They will provide the grinders – but not only the grinders: their worldwide distribution and service partner network provides local support for all customers and has offered valuable technical and logistical support during the course of the past sponsorship seasons. The HEMRO Group’s global partner network is excited about the chance to continue supporting the upcoming events, too. Together they will ensure that the competitors on stage can focus on their thrilling and inspiring presentations, without having to worry about the grinding equipment. 

The HEMRO Group’s comprehensive portfolio includes domestic, espresso and shop grinders as well as industrial grinding solutions and individually customizable built-in grinders for OEM projects of any performance class. Based on their broad experiences and on their unique coffee grinding expertise, they have decided to support the following three world championships, each one with individually perfect coffee grinders that match the competitions’ diverse requirements: 


The German grinder manufacturer Mahlkönig has supported national as well as international barista competitions and promoted events and workshops around the globe since their early beginnings – as showcasing and sharing knowledge is the best way to enhance the awareness of specialty coffee and of the barista scene. With over 90 years of experience and with an genuine dedication to coffee, Mahlkönig developed the most favored espresso grinders in the world: the K30, the PEAK and the EK43. In 2009 Mahlkönig became the official grinder sponsor of the World Barista Championship for the first time and is committed to continue sponsoring the upcoming seasons of the World Barista Championships with the PEAK and EK43(S). 

Franke A200: Wonderfully Easy To Use


The new A200 from Franke Coffee Systems was developed for easy operation and has been meticulously perfected right down to the very last detail. It keeps work efforts to a minimum while maximizing indulgence with its playfully easy startup process, ease of operation, and fully automatic cleaning process. The optimized units Foammaster and cup warmer also facilitate the accommodation of individual needs.

Developed for moderate capacity requirements and the highest performance in limited space, the new A200 meets all the demands placed on a professional coffee solution. Its refined Swiss precision technology doesn't just save time and energy. A unique setup, clever details, and attractive price-to-performance ratio will also win you over. The A200 is designed so that it can be easily operated without a handbook or previous knowledge.

"Plug & Play" – It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier

Starting and operating the A200 is done very intuitively. This smart fully automatic machine guides users through the configuration process step by step with its menu, which features simple instructions and device illustrations. During the process, all drinks can be defined using a clearly organized touchscreen and then called up again later. Cleaning is also simplified considerably and meets the highest hygiene standards. The Foammaster feed unit with its revolutionary integrated cleaning process also reduces the amount of maintenance work necessary by independently executing the cleaning program and automatically going into standby mode once it is finished.

Technical Precision for Indulgence at Its Best

Like all fully automatic machines offered by Franke Coffee Systems, the A200 features a refined, finely-tuned machine concept. All components have been developed with the goal of making the machine as easy to use as possible and can thus be conveniently removed, maintained, or cleaned. The A200 comes standard with two easily adjustable precision grinders with long-lasting ceramic grinding discs. In addition to its generously proportioned bean holder, a practical capsule brewing unit is an optional feature available for the clean and efficient preparation of chocolate drinks.

Individualized Configuration

Thanks to its countless setting options, the A200 can always offer up the right kind of drink for every day and every customer request. In order to be able to better address individual needs, two different automatic milk systems are also available as optional features. Moreover, the Foammaster makes it possible to define the milk froth consistency individually for each drink, thus facilitating the realization of individualized creations. In the process, the milk temperature is also precisely measured and regulated using a temperature sensor located right in the milk container. Also available as an optional feature is the cup warming unit, which uses the same design language and elegantly integrates into the system.

Water and Espresso


Water affects many aspects of espresso, from the coffee’s taste to the longevity of brewing equipment. Achieving great coffee while protecting the espresso machine requires a balancing act—a challenge that water treatment specialists and great coffee bars are taking on together. There is a simple truth about brewing espresso that you might not want to hear. The fact: most coffee machine maintenance issues are caused by water, the one substance that touches nearly every part of the machine.

Minerals in water are the culprits, coating the inner workings of the machine and impeding its performance. The more minerals the water contains, the harder or more damaging it can be. Particles will build up on—or scale—pumps, boilers and valves.

But minerals are also what make coffee taste good, carrying its body and aroma to the palate. Ideally, brewing water contains certain amounts of specific kinds of minerals.

So coffee flavor is priority one, while brewing equipment must simultaneously be guarded from damage. All espresso machines must be occasionally descaled. Since good brewing water requires mineral content, the key is to minimize the need to descale by removing the most damaging minerals while keeping enough of them in the water to enhance the coffee’s taste.

The Specialty Coffee Association’s technical standards committee recently updated and published standards for brewing water. Acceptable brewing water must have the following characteristics:

  1. No odor
  2. Clear of color
  3. Free of chlorine, iron and sulfur compounds
  4. TDS: 150 ppm
  5. Calcium: 3-4 grains
  6. Alkalinity: 40 ppm
  7. pH: between 6.5 and 7
  8. Sodium level: 20 mg


Clima Pro 2.0. How to Keep Stable the Grinding Temperature


Temperature has always been an essential part of excellent espresso extraction. But this is not only for the coffee machine. On-demand grinders, especially those used highly intensively, get hot and when grinding temperature is unstable, the granulometry and doses become inconsistent.

With Mythos 2, Victoria Arduino has faced and solved this problem, offering the bartista an instrument that guarantees constant temperature in the grinding chamber and therefore better quality espresso extraction. “Clima pro” technology, already in Mythos One, has been further developed and the 2.0 version in Mythos 2 enables a wider temperature range, giving greater flexibility and efficiency. This ensures the correct temperature in the grinding phase for any variety of coffee. Clima pro 2.0 not only enables you to keep the temperature constant, but if necessary also to lower it, so baristas can work with greater efficiency.

CREM International Continues Its Expansion With Welbilt As New Owner


On February 23rd, 2018, Priveq Investment fund IV L.P (“Priveq”) has together with the other owners of Crem International entered into an agreement to divest Crem International to Welbilt, Inc. (“Welbilt”), a leading global provider of foodservice equipment listed on NYSE.

Crem International is a global company of recognized prestige in the production of professional coffee machines, adding more than 50 years of experience in the market and sales into more than 80 countries. Crem International develops, manufactures and markets coffee machines under three strong brands – Coffee Queen, Expobar and Spengler for offices, restaurants, catering and convenience. The foundation with Coffee Queen (Sweden) and Expobar (Spain) together with the recent incorporation of Spengler (Germany), has transformed Crem International to the sector manufacturer with the most extensive product range, leading the market in the design and technique, and manufacture of any type of coffee solution at professional level.

In 2012, Priveq invested as a majority owner in Crem International alongside with SEB Venture Capital, the founders Georg Möller and the Olaso family, and the management in Crem International led by the CEO Sebastian Lindström. Crem International has for the duration of Priveq’s ownership grown to a leading player in the market for professional coffee machines in all important segments. Crem International’s turnover has grown from SEK 450m to SEK 770m with high profitability.

Together with Priveq and SEB Venture Capital, we have transformed Crem International to a leading global producer of professional coffee machines. We look forward to together with Welbilt continue the company’s successful expansion.” says Sebastian Lindström, CEO of Crem International.

Crem International has during our ownership continued its profitable growth and during 2015 completed the acquisition of the German strategic manufacturer Spengler. The success is based on the strong foundation and structure that the company has created in everything from product development to the sales organization and that the management at the same time has been able to keep the entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that Welbilt as an international company within food service equipment will continue to grow Crem International to the leading supplier in all segments globally.” says Karl-Johan Willén, partner at Priveq Advisory AB, acting in its capacity as adviser to Priveq G.P. IV Ltd, being the general partner to Priveq Investment Fund IV L.P, and board member in Crem International.

Alantra has acted as financial advisor to Crem International and its owners.

Juicing Vs Blending


Key Takeaways

Figuring out whether a juicer or a blender would best suit your lifestyle (and kitchen) doesn’t have to be so confusing. Juicers and blenders are both great ways to add more nutrition to your diet, but there are some key differences.


Juicers make it simple to get all the fruits and vegetables you need in one thirst-quenching glass of juice. Juice is extracted from the fruits and vegetables leaving no pulp or fiber. The result is pure, concentrated nutrition in a cup that’s easy to drink and digest. Plus, experts say the nutrients in a cup of juice are highly concentrated, which means you don’t have to drink a large volume in order to get the nutritional benefits.


Blenders create hunger-satisfying smoothies that are thicker and packed with fiber, which will help you feel full longer. Because what you put into the blender comes out, blenders let you add in a variety of ingredients like yogurt, protein powder and ice to provide advanced nutrition and flavor in your smoothie. Blenders not only give you the flexibility to create different beverages like icy drinks, shakes, and smoothies, but also nut butters, dressings and more!

Which is better?

Now that you know what each appliance can create, you may be wondering which is better – a blender or a juicer? In reality, both are great ways to increase the nutritional content of your diet by introducing more fruits and vegetables. Selecting the one that fits best into your lifestyle is the true key to success. Do you want to ward off hunger by drinking nutrient-rich smoothies packed with fiber and enhanced with nut butters or yogurt? A blender will best suit your needs. Or, do you want a nutrient-dense beverage packed with more fruits and vegetables than you could even think about eating in a day? A juicer is going to give you the results you need. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either one – it’s all about the end product and your nutrition goals.


World-Class Talent at the U.S. Coffee Championships Qualifiers

It was a whirlwind of Mardi Gras parades, crawfish boils, and top-notch coffee this past weekend in New Orleans for the U.S. Coffee Championships Qualifying Competitions. We were thrilled to witness the amazing talent and poise from each of the participants across all of the competitions. We extend a huge congratulations to the 18 Baristas, 15 Cup Tasters, 12 Brewers and 6 Roasters who earned spots to compete in the U.S. Coffee Championships this April at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle.


Moak Wins Project Commissioning Prize 2017


Aiap awarded Caffè Moak the Premio Progetto Committenza 2017 (Prize for commissioning projects) The motivation: for the visual identity system, starting from the brand project by Bob Noorda and the cultural projects aimed at promoting young artists and new art forms, and delineating the features of a design-oriented company. Aiap (Italian association of visual communication design) announced the award during Aiap Design Per – International Graphic Design Week, held between September 26th and October 1st in Rome.

The exhibition aims at recognizing and promoting designers and companies supporting the Made in Italy, through the entire production chain, that base their strategic and competitive value on the relationship between designers, clients and producers. The prize-awarding ceremony was held yesterday in the Dante hall of Palazzo Poli, the National Institute for Graphics. Marco Lentini, art director of Caffè Moak’s in-house advertising agency for[me]moak received the prize on behalf of the company. It is an item designed by Alessio Tommasetti, Rosa Topputo and Lavinia Caldani (ShapeUp Italy), which represents the ideal amalgam of designers, clients and producers. Besides receiving the coveted award, Moak is also official partner and coffee of the International Graphic Design Week and protagonist during the full schedule of the seventh edition of Aiap Design Per.

Today, Marco Lentini and Vincenzo Castellana (architect, teacher at Abadir), presented the project Sicilia Felicissima to the visitors in an open talk: the contest is promoted by Abadir, Aiap and Caffè Moak and awards the business relationship between high-end designers and Sicilian institutions and companies of the public and private sector. The winning projects of the first edition was set up in at the Hostel Generator Rome and can be visited during the whole period of the International Graphic Design Week.


MAHLKÖNIG grinding for the "world of coffee" in Dublin

As part of this year's edition of the "World of Coffee" in Dublin from 23 to 25 June, instead of one of the most exciting events of the world coffee sector: the World Barista Championship.

The German mill manufacturer MAHLKÖNIG has both national and international barista competitions accompanied and supported since the very beginning - for presenting and sharing coffee competencies under the stage performances will significantly strengthen our attention for the specialty coffee and for the barista scene.With over 90 years of experience and passion for coffee, developed MAHLKÖNIG one of the world's most popular espresso grinders: the K30. In 2009 MAHLKÖNIG sponsored for the first time officially the Barista Championship and provides every year since exclusive new design options for the events ready.

2005 MAHLKÖNIG official exclusive grinder sponsor for the World Championships in 2016 & 2017 and equipping the athlete with the popular EK43 and the K30 Vario AIR from.This great honor and the close collaboration with the best baristas in the world inspires and motivates the MAHLKÖNIG team for the continuous development of its portfolio.

In Dublin MAHLKÖNIG presents this year the advanced double-espresso grinder K30 TWIN 2.0 with user-friendly touch screen operation and exit lighting concept. This new innovative version of the K30 TWIN will also be available as a hybrid version, offering at the same time premium on one side and perfect on the other side. On the Espresso page one uses the proven hands-free on-demand grinding while every grain of fresh aromatic powder is collected from the supplied metal container on the other side. Sophisticated coffee shop-owners looking for a versatile quality. Small footprint will certainly be impressed by the K30 TWIN 2.0 HYBRID, which will be available in autumn 2016

The top highlight at the booth of Hemro Group will be MAHLKÖNIGs PEAK. The unique fusion, perfect functionality and inspiring design elements introduced in early 2016 in the European market. The PEAK offers ultimate performance at 900 rpm with premium cast steel grinding disks without running effect. The dual ventilation system preserves the unique flavor of the espresso. The adjustable outlet, accurate to 1/100 dosage setting and the temperature display on the premium OLED display provide ultimate control. The innovative user-friendly menu on the high-contrast bright display, combined with MAHLKÖNIG's proven "hands-free" Grind-on-demand principle, make working with the PEAK. Visitors to the event are invited to experience the PEAK live in action and test personally.

MAHLKÖNIG looking forward to meet in Dublin the international coffee industry and a number of visitors at our booth G8. Enjoy together with the "king of grinders" some of the best coffees in the world: MAHLKÖNIG.


For more information about the event: