Franke A200: Wonderfully Easy To Use


The new A200 from Franke Coffee Systems was developed for easy operation and has been meticulously perfected right down to the very last detail. It keeps work efforts to a minimum while maximizing indulgence with its playfully easy startup process, ease of operation, and fully automatic cleaning process. The optimized units Foammaster and cup warmer also facilitate the accommodation of individual needs.

Developed for moderate capacity requirements and the highest performance in limited space, the new A200 meets all the demands placed on a professional coffee solution. Its refined Swiss precision technology doesn't just save time and energy. A unique setup, clever details, and attractive price-to-performance ratio will also win you over. The A200 is designed so that it can be easily operated without a handbook or previous knowledge.

"Plug & Play" – It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier

Starting and operating the A200 is done very intuitively. This smart fully automatic machine guides users through the configuration process step by step with its menu, which features simple instructions and device illustrations. During the process, all drinks can be defined using a clearly organized touchscreen and then called up again later. Cleaning is also simplified considerably and meets the highest hygiene standards. The Foammaster feed unit with its revolutionary integrated cleaning process also reduces the amount of maintenance work necessary by independently executing the cleaning program and automatically going into standby mode once it is finished.

Technical Precision for Indulgence at Its Best

Like all fully automatic machines offered by Franke Coffee Systems, the A200 features a refined, finely-tuned machine concept. All components have been developed with the goal of making the machine as easy to use as possible and can thus be conveniently removed, maintained, or cleaned. The A200 comes standard with two easily adjustable precision grinders with long-lasting ceramic grinding discs. In addition to its generously proportioned bean holder, a practical capsule brewing unit is an optional feature available for the clean and efficient preparation of chocolate drinks.

Individualized Configuration

Thanks to its countless setting options, the A200 can always offer up the right kind of drink for every day and every customer request. In order to be able to better address individual needs, two different automatic milk systems are also available as optional features. Moreover, the Foammaster makes it possible to define the milk froth consistency individually for each drink, thus facilitating the realization of individualized creations. In the process, the milk temperature is also precisely measured and regulated using a temperature sensor located right in the milk container. Also available as an optional feature is the cup warming unit, which uses the same design language and elegantly integrates into the system.