The WCE’s international coffee competitions are amazing platforms for the global specialty coffee community to grow, to develop, to inspire and to get inspired. The members of the HEMRO Group enjoyed supporting the World Barista Championships and the World Latte Art Championships during the course of the past decade and are absolutely motivated to enlarge their engagement for the upcoming seasons in 2018-2020. The competitors deserve nothing but the best equipment to support them in performing on a global stage. That’s why Mahlkönig, Ditting and Anfim are committed to providing the most recent coffee grinder models as well as brand new innovations that get launched during the next sponsorship season. 

The commitment starts backstage - behind the scenes and the sponsor banners. The grinder sponsors appreciate their friendships with professional baristas from all over the world as a valuable source of inspiration and motivation to further develop their products according to the most recent requirements and trends. They listen and learn from any short talk, any workshop and any competition warm-up alike. 

They will provide the grinders – but not only the grinders: their worldwide distribution and service partner network provides local support for all customers and has offered valuable technical and logistical support during the course of the past sponsorship seasons. The HEMRO Group’s global partner network is excited about the chance to continue supporting the upcoming events, too. Together they will ensure that the competitors on stage can focus on their thrilling and inspiring presentations, without having to worry about the grinding equipment. 

The HEMRO Group’s comprehensive portfolio includes domestic, espresso and shop grinders as well as industrial grinding solutions and individually customizable built-in grinders for OEM projects of any performance class. Based on their broad experiences and on their unique coffee grinding expertise, they have decided to support the following three world championships, each one with individually perfect coffee grinders that match the competitions’ diverse requirements: 


The German grinder manufacturer Mahlkönig has supported national as well as international barista competitions and promoted events and workshops around the globe since their early beginnings – as showcasing and sharing knowledge is the best way to enhance the awareness of specialty coffee and of the barista scene. With over 90 years of experience and with an genuine dedication to coffee, Mahlkönig developed the most favored espresso grinders in the world: the K30, the PEAK and the EK43. In 2009 Mahlkönig became the official grinder sponsor of the World Barista Championship for the first time and is committed to continue sponsoring the upcoming seasons of the World Barista Championships with the PEAK and EK43(S).