Soda One Dispenser

Product Information

Our Soda One Dispenser is perfect for various locations: offices, cafes, pubs and bars, health clubs, and homes. Delivers ambient, cold, and soda water. Easy maintenance, affordable and reliable. 



  • Cold bubbly soda: Machine cools and chills water without the need to keep bottles in a refrigerator

  • Drink size: Enables the user to draw any amount of bubbly soda - even a family size container in one press

  • Saves: Machine uses CO2 economically

  • Quality and Safety: All components are manufactured at the highest standards of quality and safety - as set out by the food and beverage industry

  • Hygiene: The internal piping is made of a unique material - that absolutely prevents bacteria development

  • Price: A Soda-Tech cup of soda costs a fraction of what a comparable-size bottle of soda costs

Technical Specs

  • Size (L x W x H): 180 x 370 x 380 mm 

  • Capacity:

    • Iced Cold Water: approximately 6 liters/ hour

    • Iced Soda Water: approximately 4 liters/ hour

  • Gross Weight: 20.5 kg

  • 6 months warranty